Our Mission and Vision

Global trading and local responsibly

Ideas of trading and behaviour We at rePOWERPARTNER

Wikipedia: The basis is humanist basic education. On this basis, every honest merchant needs a comprehensive economic expertise. It includes all the necessary operational contexts and describes the rational side of its character. Today's business administration teaches the theoretical knowledge in a comprehensive multi-year course. In the company the practical knowledge is added. The professional knowledge is complemented by a solid character, which is based on virtues that promote economic efficiency. The merchant has to acquire honesty, frugality, farsightedness, honesty, temperance, silence, order, determination, frugality, diligence, justice, moderation, cleanliness, discomfort, chastity and humility , The virtues are not primarily for doing good deeds. They serve their own physical and mental health, for a fulfilled life with long-term oriented business activity. Furthermore, they strengthen their own credibility, which creates trust, which is essential for good business relations ( principle of good faith ). The firm character also protects the merchant against ill-considered actions, in order to obtain other advantages at short notice. In the Honorable Kaufmann, business and ethics can not be separated from one another, they have merged into a unity, with the aim of successfully managing (creating value).

Consciousness towards society

His consciousness does not end at the gate. The Honorable Kaufmann knows that the company in which he runs his company is decisive for the company's success. Here his employees received their basic education. The publicly financed infrastructure allows freight transport and the political system secures the ownership rights. Protecting consumers is an internal concern to them because their satisfaction can lead to future purchases. Discontinued customers are detrimental to the company's reputation. The relationship with the community in which the company is based is strengthened because it is thanks to its qualified employees. The reputation of the company in the community also has an impact on the motivation of its employees within the company. The public is significant because it is able to express its interests through them and to enlighten them through its socially significant role. The political system is not a day-to-day issue, but without the social market economy the company would not be possible at all. Legal certainty is guaranteed by the system. A political activity is not excluded for the Honorable Merchant to represent the economic interests of the Honorable Merchants in the government and to strengthen the understanding of the economic context in politics. Recently, everything surrounds the environment, which he must consider in his fundamental investment decisions. He is also responsible for the long-term consequences for the environment, with a view to sustainably safeguarding the Company's continued existence, even over several generations.

In science, the research area on company social responsibility has also established itself as a corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Global trading and local responsibility is our business.  We do see ourselves as partners and friends in the middle of this very important industry. Global trading and local responsibly wherever we work and make our business is our general understanding. We do see recycling as a part of the value chain of the solar panels lifetime. Even panels with problems can stand in the right environment and produce cheap and reliable energy. We do not want to blame manufacturers for mistake possibly happened in the production processes, we want to be the partner who support and clean the problems on a high confidential, professional and trustful way.

We are the liable partner to sell high quality and low price used solar panels for all budgets.