The rePOWER Process

We are the right company to talk to

The unique refurbishment technology which we use prevents nearly 70% of defective solar modules from being disposed as rubbish. No matter if there is a reparation process involved or we sell them into selected markets - you will have the best opportunity for the problem with your solar panels.

No matter if you are customer, a bank who financed a PV park or an insurance company who covered the risks. We are the right ones to talk to when it comes to a problem in your PV park.


reports a problem

We analyze

the problem and dependencies

Our Partner

(Module Supplier) decides to replace or fix

We replace

and recycle


We unmount modules,

fix, then remount

We prepare

Reports and required Certificates

Every solar installation ages, adversely affecting performance and the ROI planned. Contrary to general perception, efficiency is lost over time depending on their size and technical condition – either by modules degrading or a drop in components’ performance. Reasons for repowering are manifold. Damages through natural hazards, correction of planning mistakes or the simple desire to increase the system performance through improved technology.

Yet even today, the risks associated with module performance over long periods of time remain fairly unclear. Different warranty regulations and handling of those, bankruptcy and closing from pv production companies are only few reasons to think about.
We do offer a wide range of services around the photovoltaik module market. Not only the re-powering of your installation, next to this we can support you with help in warranty cases and for manufacturer we do solve problem cases on a quite, extrem professional and discrete way.

No matter if you are a manufacturer, an insurance company or the owner of a pv installation or park. We are the right company to talk to.

FOR MANUFACTURER: After getting in contact with us and we did had a look at the problem filed, we will start to work on the case. First of all we issue a fault detection and analysis report for you. Based on this we can see which problem we are facing: Delamination, Hot-Spots, Backsheet cracks or Snail wheels. There are many kind of different problem cases to be handled. Or you simply plan to repower your pv installation. Especially for operators whose PV plants were set up between 2007-2011, retrofitting can be a very rewarding investment.

FOR INSURANCE COMPANIES: They only can offer attractive premiums to their customers if they are able to control and learn from damage events and the costs of these issues. We do assist insurance companies to settle claims from the evaluation through to the adjustment. Our experience and data base with error fault indications show is the basis to calculate market premiums and beat the competitors.

We would like to make you a complete offer at short notice. To do so, we need some information from you. Photos would greatly help us get a clearer idea of the problem. Please use our form.