for Seller

If you want to offer stock panels, overstock, or panels with problems we are YOUR partner. You can place the offer into our system free of charge and we will promote this via our professional services. After a potential customer who is fitting to this offer shows up at our system we are going to buy this stock from you to the price which we agreed on.

Report your Offer


For Buyer

  • Purchase of new modules at attractive conditions from overproductions and burst deals.
  • Direct purchase of dismounting modules from REPOWERING - some with remaining warranty.
  • A trading platform for all offers to purchase solar panels with very small surcharges.


For Seller

  • Save and correct handling of guarantee- and warranty claims.
  • On request also with offers to repair or disposal of modules.
  • More earnings by selling used panels in the second hand market.
  • The possibility of selling new products for customers who plan to repowering the installations.

Every solar installation ages, adversely affecting performance and the ROI planned. Contrary to general perception, efficiency is lost over time depending on their size and technical condition – either by modules degrading or a drop in components’ performance. Reasons for repowering are manifold. Damages through natural hazards, correction of planning mistakes or the simple desire to increase the system performance through improved technology.

If You have a problem with Your PV panels and You need assistance to repower Your PV Installation please

check our Process