Trading Rules


We have easy and clear rules for our trading desk. We are looking for long term partnerships and trustful partners in the industry.

The registration process is simple and easy but very helpful for you and us. Please indicate your company details, or if you are a private trader your personal datas, and send us your company registration paper including the VAT number. We will check this within few hours and confirm to you within 24hours your application.

During the first trades we will check your company background and payment behaviour in order to prepare a credit line for your company. This will allow your company to reserve offers in our system and block hot deal exclusive for you.

If you are a trader, you will have the chance to register your customers within our system. The same procedure about the credit proof will be done for each of your customers. Furthermore you will have full customer protection on this way.

This trading limit will rise upon each positiv trade we will make together till the date when you will be become a platinum partner with unlimited reservation limit.

For the unexpected cause that you fail to fulfil a reservation and you can’t take your panels nothing will happen. This is always possible in this industry. At second time this will occur within 180 days we will reduce your trading limit which you reached so far.

At the third time you fail to take panels which you reserved we will bill you a penalty based on the trading volume. The amount will be 35% of our margin calculated in that deal and will be declared within the invoice.

If you want to offer solar panels, or you have defects in your PV park, please fill out our short form. We will get in contact with you immediately and discuss the relating figures with you.

We wil have a proof on your offer or calculate to save your problem and will come back to you.