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Solar is booming. Every day, we read about bigger, more ambitious solar installations being commissioned, driven by the latest technology in modules, racking and other balance of system components.

By definition, PV plants' performance diminishes every year due to the inherent degradation in PV modules. The degradation effect is compounded by other factors, including uneven soiling. These issues all lead to a condition known as "mismatch", whereby panels in a solar array start to behave differently and thus reduce the amount of energy that plant can generate.

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The basis of a GOOD DEAL The honorable merchant

Is the name for the associations of northern Europe based merchants between the middle of the 12th century and the middle of the 17th century, whose aim was the security of the shipping/trading around the world and the representation of common economic interests especially abroad. The so called „Hanseatic League“ was an important factor not only in economic but also in political and cultural fields. But this idea is still alive. Since the financial crisis it has become the commonplace to demand return to „Hanseatic League“ virtues, to reliability, decency and fairness. Scientists say that the „Hanseatic League“ has lived in past centuries, what is now referred to as corporate social responsibility. Sustainable management, responsibility for the common good.